Over the next 3 days, we need everyone who is involved to download the app, register and then be yourself.  We will provide ongoing notifications during the 72 hours to make sure everyone engages all the features and then answers a few questions about those features.  So pay attention to notifications.
Cached App on a mobile device

Testing Requires Special Tools!

Let us explain. Since the app is still in development it is not available in the app store. In order to access it, and let us make any updates during the test, you will need to download our test app. Instructions are below for both IOS and Android users.

Let's Get Going

IOS Users

  • Use this link to download TestFlight:
  •  On August 23, 2023, you will receive an email from “Test Flight” that says “Cached has invited you to test Cached”
  • Click the blue button labeled “View in Test Flight”
  • This will bring up a page where you can hit “Accept”
  • Once completed, Navigate to Test Flight and hit download as you would any other app.
  • Cached will download onto your phone with a small yellow indicator to the left indicating you are a Beta tester.
  • Click on the app and sign up!
  • IMPORTANT:  Use the same email address you used to register as a tester.

Android Users

  • You will receive an invite email from “Cached (via Firebase App)”
  • Hit the blue button “Get Started”
  • You will be taken to a web page to agree to terms and accept invitation
  • Next, select “Download”
  • You will be prompted with a Pop-up, select ‘Open’ , and then ‘Install’ when asked you if you’d like to download Cached.
  • Open cached!

How to collect my $10

To collect your $10 incentive you must engage with the platform over the 48 hours of the test. Some specific activities must be completed to qualify for the incentive:

  • Complete registration with a government ID
  • Complete interest based sign-up questionnaire when you first login
  • Increase your Cached Score by completing questionnaires posted to you
  • Connect your Cached Wallet to your bank using our secure connection
  • Complete All Cached Feedback


For assistance, email [email protected]

Cached Data Profile-Phone And Circle