The Game!!

The Game!!

More than data.

Cached believes we should be in control of our data, compensated for its value, and that this exchange should only happen with the permission of the data owner… that’s you. 

Cached is an interactive, permission-based platform that brings together buyers of data with consumers willing to engage them for a price. Traditionally, corporations capture and sell data that they collect from you.

When they sell your data,
they keep all the money.

This is a bad deal for all of us.

With Cached, you provide data about your interests, keep that data up to-date, and answer questions from specific buyers. When you do, if a buyer purchases your data, you get paid.

Simple, Transparent and Fun!!

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Cached Profile Holders make 50% of all revenue generated when you share your data.


10% of all revenue generated from the entire network is shared across the network equally regardless of whose data was shared.


Cached retains 40% of revenue to invest in finding data buyers, new tech, and marketing.

When you Get Paid, everyone in the network makes money. Get paid when your data is shared with a buyer, but even if your data is not purchased, you make a small portion of every dollar generated by your Cached peers.

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Everyone creates their own secure Cached Profile. You decide which interests you want to tell us about. The more you share and the more you use the platform, the more valuable you become to a buyer of data.  And the higher your Cached Score!

Imagine if you could tell top brands about your interests and they would pay to show you their products. That’s a way better situation than a social feed full of ads you are not interested in or a mailbox full of junk-mail.  At Cached, we help consumers enter the data economy and get paid for data that is rightfully theirs.

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